Gloria Steinem Launches Season Two of “One With Farai” — And We Need Your Support

On Thursday October 23, we launch the second season of the Podcast One With Farai with an intimate interview with feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem. Gloria has supported my career and my growth as a person. And now I need your support to continue this project. One with Farai is part of the movement to prove independent media has incredible power — and is cost-effective and sustainable.


“We think that masculine and feminine roles are inevitable, and therefore dominance and passivity or obedience are the norm, and that digs a trench in our brains for race and class and caste, and everything else.”
— Gloria Steinem from our interview

One with Farai, a part of PRI Soundworks, offers an intriguing mix of the personal and professional. We bring you forward-looking conversations on society’s biggest topics, from bioengineering to globalization; plus compelling personal revelations from guests including MIT Media Lab head Joi Ito, former diplomat Alec Ross, MSNBC Host/profesor/author Melissa Harris-Perry and actors Delroy Lindo and Wendell Pierce — all on our first season.

This season’s guests include not only Gloria Steinem but New York City Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Mary Bassett; global strategist (of Germany’s SPD) Simon Vaut, and bestselling authors Lalita Tademy and Richard Kadrey.

I need your help right now, in a profound way, to continue and spread this work. We are taking nonprofit donations; launching a Kickstarter campaign; and looking for additional underwriters and partners. The rest of this email is divided into two parts: The What — ways you can help. And the The Why — reflections on why this project and independent media matter.

You can listen to a 2 minute sizzle reel from our summer season here:

And this is the PRI show page:


THE WHAT — How you can help

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================== AND FURTHERMORE… ======================

THE WHY — Why this project is special and valuable and critically needed.

As a professor/author/broadcaster, I’m concerned not only about media today but also media education. Smart young people have better-paying and often more emotionally rewarding options than dealing with the constant anxiety of America’s newsrooms. Senior journalists regularly are offered buyouts or leave voluntarily for (fiscally) greener pastures in the for- and non-profit world. We’ve seen diversity actually roll back over the past two decades, in some fields to levels not seen since the 1970s. Not only the public radio show I hosted, News and Notes, but more recently Tell Me More both fell to the budget axe, despite speaking to diverse audiences — including our majority listener group: white Americans who valued our perspective.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that many of us who still believe in the role of media to connect and inform us are finding newer, leaner ways of producing high-quality content that doesn’t require a cat gif to go viral. (Not hating on cats, at all…)  Radiotopia; The Futuro Media Group; The Laura Flanders Show; and Daniel Alarcon, whose Radio Ambulante Unscripted is part of the PRI Soundworks network, as One with Farai is, are all people and institutions I look up to. (When I say lean, we can produce 26 episodes of One With Farai for far less than it took to do three hour-long radio docs.)

One with Farai offers the antidote to the sound-bite: long-form, forward-thinking content about issues from bioengineering to globalization; the spiritual and cultural impact of music and the arts; feminism, fertility, and technology. The surprises came in the variety of what we could and did speak about. Listen to Delroy Lindo speak about the “Windrush Generation” of Jamaican immigrants to the UK after World War II; or Joi Ito talk about the possibility of engineered immortality. 

Our first season included guests who were black, white, Latino, Native American, and East and South Asian; male and female; straight and gay. That’s the country/world we live in and should see. And of course they were booked because they are all so friggin’ brilliant. Brilliance and diversity are partners, not enemies

So — when I bring you “One with Farai,” I bring you the world. The world of arts and culture; the world of technology and bioengineering; the world of social justice, race, and gender; the world of global and local issues combined. These guests will fill your mind, heart and imagination and open you to new ways of thinking about opportunity, risk, and our future. It’s not DIY media, but DIO media — Do It OURSELVES.

You are my community. And I need your help. 

Thus, if you can go back to the “what” section and do whatever you can — sign up for the email list; join the Thunderclap; donate; send a fundraising lead — you will make a difference in how independent media evolves.

My big-dream is to raise enough money to do podcasting AND. What does that mean?

• Podcasting AND terrestrial radio specials. 
• Podcasting AND video. 
• Podcasting AND live events — which generate revenue. 
• Podcasting AND cutting the longer content into short pieces for local stations — stations that won’t be able to book the top-name guests and up-and-coming innovators I have access to. 
• Podcasting AND bringing on partners which compliment PRI Soundworks… for example, video or event partners.

We can spread forward-thinking content across this country and across the world.

Sent with love,


About Farai Chideya

Farai has combined media, technology, and socio-political analysis during her 20-year career as an award-winning author and journalist. She is a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She contributes to print, public radio, and cable television; and she also hosts a series of town hall meetings in both New York and San Francisco, with New York Public Radio and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, respectively. You can see an archive of her 2010 midterm election specials -- which foreshadowed some of the current political and immigration debates -- at, which she founded in 1995.