Since 1995, when she began appearing on cable news as an analyst for CNN, Farai Chideya has given thousands of speeches and hosted hundreds of events. Her bookings have included Ivies Harvard and Yale, large state universities and regional colleges, events at the United Nations and on Capitol Hill, and business associations. Her lecture topics range from current events to women’s issues to technology, and she also has moderated forums including TEDxOilSpill (on the Deepwater Horizon crisis).

Farai Chideya has honed her powerful speaking skills over the course of her quarter century in journalism. For her, lectures are not just a chance to speak, but also to listen…to engage, share, and learn. She can bring up issues that people generally don’t want to talk about in a way that encourages openness and new understandings within communities, campuses, and workplaces.

Topics of her recent lectures include:

    • The Color of Our Future: Race, Ethnicity and Our Role in Shaping the New America
    • Dis/Connected: How Digital Technology is Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Love
    • Women Can’t “Have It All.” (Neither Can Men.): Gender and the Search for Fulfillment
    • My Favorite Job Mistake: Don’t Worry About Making the Right Decision. Learn How to “Make the Decision Right.”


  • What Happens to Equality When We’re All Minorities? — Re-Imagining King’s Dream for a Post-Majority America
    The Census predicts that a generation from now, America will have no racial majority. But that doesn’t mean we will be an equal society. How do we keep our eyes on the prize of equality as we head towards a “post-majority” era?

Farai is also an experienced commencement speaker.

Requests for speaking engagements and public appearances should be sent to:
Farai Chideya: FaraiStory@Protonmail.com.com