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Make Your Own Pack

January 18, 2014 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments
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The old saying that who you know is more important than what you know should get a new spin. Who you know is related to the art of human curation — selecting the environment of people in which you circulate.

Traveling While Black — And Loving It

January 18, 2014 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments
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Please check out my recent New York Times travel section piece on what I’ve learned from traveling the world, and the assumptions people (including me) make about race and travel.

Take The Right Work Survey

January 4, 2014 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments
via Rivasolutionsinc.com

I’ve been gathering stories and data for a book called The Right Work, about how you can serve your best interests as the job market and the very notion of careers evolve. I’d also love you to give me your two cents in this survey.

A Very Buddhist Christmas

December 24, 2013 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments
via http://shambhalatimes.org/2013/08/09/jesus-and-buddha/

Some of my family has stuck with the one true Catholic and apostolic church; others have become Protestants; atheists; or, in my case, someone who practices Buddhist meditation. I’m listening to Christmas carols right now, with my mother humming along as she wraps gifts. I can respect and learn from Jesus without believing a Christian faith is the only path. I also respect those who choose Jesus or another divine figure as their one true savior.

Mandela and Mugabe: Why “President for Life” is the Worst Job Ever

December 7, 2013 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments
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I wrote a piece for The Nation magazine on how Nelson Mandela’s decision to serve only one term as president of South Africa was a transformative boost for democracy in Africa and elsewhere — sadly, one not followed in neighboring Zimbabwe. Read more here.

High Impact: What the Puma Britdoc Awards Teach About Making a Difference

December 5, 2013 Blog, Featured Blog No Comments

The Britdoc Puma Impact awards are a powerful model for any organization of any genre seeking to demonstrate not only excellence, but how that excellence transforms the world.

Recent Articles

Race and Silicon Alley

November 1, 2011 Blog 3 Comments

The issue of diversity in tech isn’t limited to Silicon Valley, nor is it just about African-Americans. The ranks of women, Latino, and Black engineers, founders, executives, and funders are thin.

  • Me and Van Jones, 6/22/12, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.


Twitter Faves of @Farai


Discover Magazine: The Bypass Cure

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Worth a read — this Discover Magazine article on how the Roux-en-Y bypass technique for weight loss can literally cure diabetes overnight.

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Mayor Bloomberg to Talk Climate Change

Via Politico: At 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg will deliver a major speech in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard outlining the risks New York City faces from climate change and the steps the city should take to protect neighborhoods.

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Notebook: Climate Change and New York

Watch the video of this panel on climate change and Sandy. Columbia University scientist Klaus Jacob said “On a nice sunny day in the year 2100, the water level will be almost as high as it was during Sandy.”

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Consumer Culture and Freedom

Consumer culture is not freedom.

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Voter Suppression: It’s Real. Now What Do We Do About It?

Voting lines in Florida. AP/Alan Diaz via TheDailyBanter.com

“Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud,” says the Brennan Center for Justice. A new article by Roger Simon of Politico blows open GOP plans to block the vote.

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Giving Thanks 2012


A long list of gratitude for things that are both beautiful and troubling — all of them are part of our world, and our lives, our realities.

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A Hot New Musical About the Search for Home


Because the story is about a black woman and not a black archetype or stereotype, anyone who loves the art of theatre and the place where struggle meets the sublime can relate to GIRL shakes loose her skin. I don’t know when it will hit the stage next, or what major theatrical producer will step up to bankroll it, but I’ll be there.

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Should President Obama Push for Criminal Justice Reform?

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Head on over to the Columbia Journalism Review’s site to read my piece on the President and criminal justice reform. Now that the election is over, these questions are more imperative than ever.

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Why the “Foreign Policy” Debate Wasn’t One

Please go to The Root and check out my piece on why the “foreign policy” debate was nothing of the sort….

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Politically Viral: Videos to Watch

Picture 52

Props to Thanh Tan for her article about the GOP Washington State gubernatorial candidate bringing it Gangnam Style; plus Sesame wants Big Bird out of Obama ad.

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