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Farai has combined media, technology, and socio-political analysis during her 20-year career as an award-winning author, journalist, professor, and lecturer. She is a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. She was also a spring 2012 fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics. She frequently …

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Since 1995, when she began appearing on cable news as an analyst for CNN, Farai Chideya has given thousands of speeches and hosted hundreds of events. Her bookings have included Ivies Harvard and Yale, large state universities and regional colleges, events at the United Nations and on Capitol Hill, and …

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We Are Explorers: #AdviceforaYoungJournalist

Never forget you are on an adventure, whatever your tools – pen/laptop/audio-/video-recorder. You are on an adventure that is a gift of your craft. Like all quests, this one has rules, and one of them is to speak truthfully of those you encounter on your way.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, 2012

Shinjuku, Tokyo, 2012

That does not mean you won’t make mistakes or speak incorrectly. (Every time I get a correction it pierces my heart.) It means that fundamentally you remain committed to true communication, which delivers a parcel of information about the human condition from one person to another…. really, from one-to-many.

Last week w

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Oh, Positive: #BlackLivesMatter and #All LivesMatter, Brother Nick

Dear Nick:

Like many families, mine has split and recombined. My sister and I share both parents; two brothers and I share our father alone.

I remember one time I was in South Africa and I described my wonderful “half-brother.” And with a twinkle in his eyes, the person I was speaking with said, “what half is that?”

In America, I would have answered “Oh, from my dad’s side.” But in South Africa, I knew the man I was speaking with meant “There are no half-brothers. A brother is a brother.” And so since then I have dropped the terminology of “half.” There is no half in my relationship with my brother. We are whole.

So when I read your Tweet about how activists should not have pegged a #BlackLivesMatter campaign to the life of Michael Brown, I was angry. Then I cooled down. After all, you’re my brother.

By the time I grew up, calling people “brother” or

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Paris: Murder, Immigration, Race, Islam and “Islamic Terrorism”, Neo-Nazis and the European Right Wing.

The news today is that terrorists — broadly Muslim or Islamic terrorists — killed 12 people (at last count) in Paris, targeting a satirical magazine. I feel sorry for my Jewish-Parisian friends; all Parisians; all Europeans; and all of humanity, roughly in that order.

I recently reported on multi-ethnic Paris, its richness and some of its political discontents.

As I posted on Facebook:
This makes me incredibly sad.
Sad for the loss of life — living humans killed.
Sad for their families and co-workers and friends.
Sad for Paris.
Sad for the rise of the neo-Nazi parties, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia in EU elections.
Sad that we have a world where we are be

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On Being Brave: Things I Wish I Knew Before My Forties, But Couldn’t

Wishing tree. Find mine. Just kidding.

Wishing tree. Find mine. Just kidding.

I’m supposed to be writing something else. That could be the inscription on the tombstone of 2014, a year I will always love, and forever spill a toast to (ashe), and yet be glad it’s gone. This summer, I was supposed to be writing a non-fiction book but wrote a novel instead. This fall I was still supposed to be writing that book, but wrote short pieces about Ferguson and race. And now, as I near one of two book deadlines, I’m writing this “cromnibus” of a bleeding-heart-on-the-virtual-page letter to no one, and everyone, and myself. Because I want to. Because I thin

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Pleasing the God of Kickstarter: 5 Tips to Boost Your Campaign

First of all, this blog post has been reverse-engineered, as I deconstructed all of the things I did wrong with my own campaign for the podcast One With Farai. Although it succeeded in reaching its goal — for which I am deeply, deeply grateful — I learned a lot along the way. Friends and family were the biggest donors:

Successful campaign!!! Thank you!

Successful campaign!!! Thank you!

(If you want to know why this is titled Pleasing the God of Kickstarter, or why there’s a picture of a taco, you must listen to this hilarious (Read More...)

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One With Farai

Bigger Than Technology: An Interview with Joi Ito on One with Farai

21 Aug 2014

Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab, explains how a sense of play and experimentation inform their cutting-edge work. As a child, Joi Ito went back and forth between Japan and US cities, including Detroit, forging an international identity; a fascination with technology; and also for community. He explains how passions …

Living History, Exploring Nature: An Interview with Betty Reid Soskin on One with Farai

15 Aug 2014

At 92, Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest full-time National Parks service ranger, teaching about racial and gender equality as well as nature. National Parks ranger Betty Reid Soskin has worked for women’s and civil rights; run a “race record” music store; and now helps tell the history of gender and industry …

Music (and Dance) for All: An Interview with Bill Bragin on One with Farai

8 Aug 2014

Bill Bragin, the director of public programming for the famed Lincoln Center, on bringing free and adventurous music, dance, and art to all. Farai Chideya speaks with Bill Bragin, the Director of Public Programming for Lincoln Center, about what it takes to bring great music and art to crowds for free… and also …

Equality — A Survivor’s Guide: An Interview with Urvashi Vaid on One with Farai

1 Aug 2014

Activist Urvashi Vaid talks about how LGBT politics relate to other rights struggles, plus her journey surviving two rounds of cancer. Farai Chideya speaks with Urvashi Vaid, author of books including “Virtual Equality” and a professor at Columbia Law School. Born in India, raised in America, she details how LGBT issues connect …

First Nations Filmmaking: An Interview with Bird Runningwater on One with Farai

25 Jul 2014

Bird Runningwater of the Sundance Institute on innovations in Native and indigenous film. Farai Chideya speaks about the work of the Sundance Institute – the mentoring, training, and career-building sister to the Sundance Film Festival – with its Native American and Indigenous Program Director, Bird Runningwater.

Digital Diplomacy and Global Economy: An Interivew with Alec Ross on One with Farai

18 Jul 2014

Author and former U.S. diplomat Alec Ross on globalization Alec Ross helped define “digital diplomacy”, and logged nearly a million air miles for work — as Senior Advisor of Innovation to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He talked with Farai Chideya about technology and the future of globalization.