This week I spoke with Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley about her legislative priorities, holding fellow members of Congress accountable for the insurrection, and what keeps her going in the fight for justice. Georgia State Senator Dr. Michelle Au decried anti-Asian American hate and wants fellow politicians to treat gun violence as a public health issue. TransLash Media founder and journalist Imara Jones reflected on her experience of patriarchy and Trump’s weaponization of government against trans people. And our weekly roundtable, Sippin’ the Political Tea, welcomed sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen and podcast host Merk Nguyen to talk with Errin Haines about how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are experiencing the racial animus of the past year.

And this week, I’ve got a new question for the Our Body Politic community: If you are planning to get or have already been vaccinated, what is the most important thing you want to do once you’ve gotten the vaccine? To respond, click here, or call us at 929-353-7006 and leave a voicemail.