Our third episode of Body Politic is up and we are going strong! Folks are calling and writing into the show, and we want to hear from more of you! We’re using the proprietary narrative analysis system, Speak, to gather your responses. Right now, we’re asking the same question we did last week: “What is the most important challenge you are dealing with right now?” To share your take, call +1-929-353-7006 or type your thoughts here.

This week, I spoke with California Congresswoman Barbara Lee about housing, climate change and Covid in the East Bay Area. Dr. Jonathan Metzl broke down how the country’s racial hierarchy affects healthcare access for white Americans. Our weekly Covid update looked at the frontline workers exposed in the White House, and the impact of the pandemic on schools in New York City. And our “Rise” segment featured Black explorers in search of sunken slave ships. Plus: an intrepid woman who refused to let Covid slow down her dating life.