The election is right around the corner, and we’re asking listeners: what is the most important issue to you as a voter, and why? Let me know what you think by calling us at 929-353-7006 and leaving a voicemail, or writing in your response here.

On our fifth episode, I explored Black gun ownership with journalist Trymaine Lee (pictured above), a subject he spoke about on his MSNBC podcast Into America, and took the pulse of voters in California with Representative Karen Bass. I spoke with Genevieve Daftary, pediatric medical director at Codman Square Health Center in Boston, about the increasing rates and intensity of anxiety, depression, and behavioral dysregulation in children since the start of the pandemic. Then Former Secret Service agent Holli Draines gave me and listeners advice on how to stay safe and secure at the polls and other public places. Liz Hartley, an investor who is also the co-founder of the group Eleven Three, offered tools that track polling lines and help us plan our voting strategy. I spoke with Filpina filmmaker Isabel Sandoval about her film “Lingua Franca,” a story about a power struggle that defies the tropes of Hollywood, especially when it comes to portraying trans women. Finally, celebrated author Audrey Edwards shared with me her experience leaving the U.S. for Paris, when Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and her book American Runaway: Black and Free in Paris in the Trump Years.