This week, my guests and I discussed the Covid-19 vaccine, a Grammy-nominated film, and the future of the Republican Party. Businesswoman Bertica Cabrera Morris and Professor Geraldo Cadava shared the diversity of the conservative Hispanic experience. Dr. Celine Gounder (pictured above), an infectious diseases specialist and epidemiologist, explained why the lack of public health infrastructure, especially technology, impacts the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Business of entertainment contributor Casey Mendoza discussed two major Black films making waves in the upcoming awards season. Plus, political journalist Errin Haines of The 19th and Professor Tiffany Jeffers of Georgetown Law dove into the repercussions of the January 6th insurrection for the Republican Party, members of Congress, and voting rights across the country.

And this week, I’m asking the Our Body Politic community: How have your priorities changed since the start of the pandemic? To let us know what you think, click here, or call us at 929-353-7006 and leave a voicemail.