‘Our Body Politic’

I’m excited to share with you that I’m the creator and host of the new syndicated public radio show and podcast, Our Body Politic.

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The Call-to-Whiteness

The Rise of the New White Nationalism and Inadequate Establishment Whiteness Response

Note: This essay is not meant to present a unified theory of or definition of whiteness, but to point out that white identity is both a critical pivot point in American politics that remains understudied; and that we are undergoing a crisis of white identity that affects people of all races and ethnicities. As someone who reports on and engages online with white nationalists to this day, I am speaking with as much perspective as my decades of attention to these issues can offer. If you have different perspectives, I would welcome them but ask you reveal how much attention you have paid to the issues at hand.

Secondly: this is very long and somewhat discursive – definitely a draft and not a finished document. I welcome your thoughts and comments and will continue to refine it. Get a cup of tea and sit down with me. I hope you’ll find it worth the time.

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Bus ‘Em to the Border

Bus ‘Em to the Border…. No, the headline of this piece does not refer to undocumented immigrants. I’m talking about Congress: the men and women who are right now deciding the future of the United States via immigration legislation.

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